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Reviewed By: Tammy Deherrera on Sep 21, 2019


This is a beautiful ring that was made for me. The amount of work and Care put in to making this rain shows and every time the light shines on yet in the diamond sparkle. Amazing work and amazing people!

Reviewed By: Jerry Michelson on Jan 20, 2017

Diamond Solitaire

I am so happy that you people roped in easy financing.My gf was super excited when I slid this solitaire on her finger.My mother who is your regular customer also loved this ring.And finally it is yes from my girlfriend.

Reviewed By: Som Minic on Dec 29, 2016

I loved it

I just loved it.Beautiful diamond by the yard necklace gifted by my husband as a Christmas gift.It\'s a complete designer wear.Am thankful to LBJ for making such a beautiful necklace and delivering it on time.

Reviewed By: Hillary Mendoza on Dec 14, 2016

Diamond by The Yard Necklace

Just lovely at fab price! Perfect designer piece.

Reviewed By: Lacy Cooper on May 21, 2016

Diamond Studs

This site was referred to me by my friend.And I am thankful to her for referring me an online jewelry store that sells natural and good quality diamonds.After receiving the studs ,I really feel extremely happy and satisfied.It\'s worth every penny. Thanks to my friend and LBJ

Reviewed By: Lucy Harold on May 29, 2015

Elegant and beautiful

Lovely pearl necklace. It turned out to be the great gift on mothers day. She loved it.

Reviewed By: Robert Clooney on May 05, 2015

Just Lovely

Just Great!

Reviewed By: Amanda Smith on May 02, 2015

Sapphire is favorite

I got this tennis bracelet for my mom and she just loved it. Sapphire is our favorite as we both belong to Sapphire. Diamonds have made it timeless.. Thanks LBJ!

Reviewed By: Susan Taylor on Apr 20, 2015

Cool gift

HI Thanks LBJ for shipping this beautiful pendant.I am sure my mom is just goin\' to love it. My sister liked it too and now she wants something from your store. Its amazing to get it with chain and jewelry gift box at only $60. Ruby looks exactly the same as shown in pic. CZ above it makes it look cute. The edges of ruby are well finished and smooth.

Reviewed By: Andrew John on Apr 12, 2015


Lovely hanging pendant. Nera just loved it. She liked the way rubies are suspended by the chain. Bezel set makes it strong and cool.

Reviewed By: Rinson James on Apr 02, 2015


Thanks to LBJ for shipping on time and keeping the promise. Custom made jewelry made best by you. You made it exactly I wanted it with one more heart interlinked to it. My love just loved it.

Reviewed By: Jennifer Bullok on Mar 29, 2015

Best Pick

Diamond by the yard necklace is simply cool for spring. Light and charming all time hit is what makes it so special and favorite amongst women of all age. I bought one from lovebrightjewelry in 2014 and everyone simply appreciated it. It is not only clean and crisp but it is really good for a professional like me who does not like too much ornamentation. Bezel set emeralds are safe and noticeable even from the distance. I chose 18 inch chain and as I walk it sways with me which makes me really happy and I feel like a butterfly fluttering with confidence. It boosts my confidence and make me feel proud of being a woman. It can be worn on any dress and as an everyday jewelry. I prefer not to wear any other jewelry except my watch when I am wearing an emerald diamond by the yard necklace. Thanks to Tiffany & Co. for inspiring so many jewelers to make and provide to customers like me. LoveBrightJewelry is doing a good job I must say.

Reviewed By: Jeremy Gold on Mar 10, 2015

So many options!

Your website is too good. It saved my time by simply browsing on unlimited jewelry options you have. Liked your online jewelry shop. Let me know if i can visit you for custom made jewelry in your city office at New York. Have mailed you my contact details.

Reviewed By: John Baker on Mar 03, 2015

Thanks for delivering on time

I am thankful to you guys for delivering the diamond by the yard necklace on time.My wife had been requesting for it from a long time and it was in February that i ordered. With bad weather conditions i was unsure of timely delivery. But you people came on time.

Reviewed By: Nancy T.C. on Feb 26, 2015

It's awesome

I am happy. This is one of the precious gift that my boy friend gifted me.Beautiful and clean finish.Loving tanzanite and diamond eternity ring.

Reviewed By: Markus Gibber on Feb 18, 2015

Lovely earrings

My wife just loved them.She has already planned to purchase all gemstones jewelry only from you people.You kept your words and delivered us authentic rubies.

Reviewed By: Gracy Baker on Feb 17, 2015

Diamond and Ruby Earrings

Beautiful heart shape ruby earrings with diamonds on the hanging is just superb!I am so glad they delivered it on time.Its model ER811DRW-101

Reviewed By: David Johnson on Feb 14, 2015

Cool Summer Bracelet

My girl just loved it. The combination of white pearls with blue turquoise is simply soothing to eyes for summers. I personally liked the jewelry gift box and the way it was packed.

Reviewed By: Vero Vav on Feb 10, 2015

sweetheart pendants

nice pendants

Reviewed By: Catherine Edwards on Feb 10, 2015

Lovely heart pendant

My favorite gemstone sapphire was gifted to me by Gill, my boyfriend on 7th February 2015.I can never forget this day..Lovely heart shape sapphire pendant with diamond.He has also ordered for our engagement ring from LBJ.