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  • Tanzanite Tennis Bracelets

    Tanzanite tennis bracelets are special and rare pieces of jewelry that will make her stand out in the crowd with its elegance and sophistication. Tanzanite is trichoism which means it possesses property to display more than one color. It means, its changing colors will heighten her spirits whenever she is passing through one of her bad mood day. Do you think any other jewelry will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this gem such as these tennis bracelets!

    Our selection features beautiful pieces of tennis bracelets with conflict-free tanzanite stones and diamond rounds alternated in a never-ending 4-prong setting in gem weights 1 CT – 5 CT. All our tanzanite tennis bracelets are crafted in 14K yellow and 14K white gold. The vibrant color of tanzanites and sophistication of diamonds makes these bracelets a must-have in women’s wardrobe. Whether you select these bracelets as a day wear or an evening wear, they still make a great piece of jewelry. Tennis bracelets with tanzanite make a complete piece of jewelry by themselves and for better advantage you can team them with tanzanite rings, tanzanite necklaces and other tanzanite jewelry in our selection.

    It doesn’t matter whether you gift these gemstone tennis bracelets with tanzanites and diamonds as a special gift or as a keepsake, they will be appreciated and shared between generations. Gem Information – Tanzanite is an extraordinary and spectacular gemstone found in Tanzania. Since its discovery in 1967, this gem was celebrated as “gemstone of the 20th century”. Tanzanite is the birthstone for December along with zircon as well as blue topaz and 24th wedding anniversary gemstone. Gem Care - Tanzanite scores high hardness score of 6.5 - 7 on the Moh's scale. A single blow can damage the tanzanite because it possesses perfect cleavage. Bezels set tanzanite tennis bracelets are perfect for everyday wear. Avoid using steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners to clean the gem. Use soap and a soft cloth to clean the gem. Store tanzanite tennis bracelets in individual cloth lined box. Take care to keep it away from other gemstone jewelry as it may scratch or cause any damage.

Diamond and Tanzanite Round Prong-Set Tennis Bracelets

Gem Weight 14K White Gold 14K Yellow Gold
2.00 ct. $2620.00 $2620.00
3.00 ct. $3492.00 $3492.00
4.00 ct. $4753.00 $4753.00
5.00 ct. $5723.00 $5723.00