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  • Gemstone Three Stone Ring
  • Gemstone Three Stone Ring

    From braided reeds to white diamond engagement rings to black diamond engagement rings, one or the other form of engagement ring has been popular, since pre-historic times. Single stone engagement rings to multi-stone engagement rings are popular. Gemstone three stone rings are comparatively recent addition to this never ending list. As the name suggests, these engagement ring feature three stones in succession with a large central stone and two other gemstones on both sides.

    As diamond is the hardest gemstone and most preferred choice for three stone diamond rings, but colored gemstones are getting popular, too. With so many choices, how can you select the three stone ring for the loved one? The choice is entirely yours. Our selection features emerald three stone rings, ruby three stone rings, sapphire three stone rings, pink sapphire three stone rings and tanzanite three stone rings. Each selection features three stone rings with exclusive gemstones or a centered diamond and colored gemstones on either sides. Brilliant cut and square cut are the most preferred cuts of gemstone used in these three stone rings. Prong setting is the preferred choice of gemstone setting because it secures the gem in place and upholds it in such a way that it delivers maximum reflection.

    Diamond is the most durable gem found on the earth scoring 9 on Moh’s Scale and sapphire is the next strongest in the line followed by ruby. Emerald is the popular gemstone although it is not quite hard. Gem Trivia – Diamond is the April birthstone, Ruby is the July birthstone, Emerald is the May birthstone, Tanzanite is the December birthstone and Sapphire is the September birthstone. Gem Care– Although diamonds and most gemstones are durable, still it is recommended to handle them with utmost care, when it comes to daily use. Avoid wearing them, while doing hard tasks such as gardening, cutting in kitchen or working out under the sunlight. You can clean most gemstones at home using the soft soap solution or ammonia and water solution and soft brush. We offer free factory finish within 13 months of purchase. Detailed jewelry inspection is available on the request.