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  • Colored Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Colored Diamond Engagement Ring

    Colored diamond engagement rings are a roaring jewelry trend that inspires wearers to stand apart from the crowd. Our exclusive selection of engagement rings featuring black and blue diamonds makes us different from others! This jewelry trend was endorsed or popularized by celebrities.

    Many women prefer black diamond engagement rings and blue diamond engagement rings because they are a pure diversion from the colorless diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds add new depth and meaning to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds used in most of our engagement rings are cut to perfection and they show up beautifully over white gold, yellow gold and silver bands. Black diamonds donít sparkle like colorless diamonds, however, they look resplendent when set in solitaire setting or halo setting. Since black diamonds are opaque, you donít find variations in the black color and you can expect a true fancy black color diamond.

    Blue diamond engagement rings are one of the popular types of engagement rings and they symbolize love and never-ending romance in a relationship. Blue diamonds are considered an investment by many gem experts because they are rare and highly in demand. In many western cultures, blue is honored as the color of nature and it stood for faithfulness and harmony. Extra Gem Information -Black diamond engagement ring become a hot trend after Carrie Bradshaw wore it in the episode of Sex and The City. There is a theory that black diamonds posses extraterrestrial origin and many scientists have argued that these diamonds were produced in interstellar space and they possess traces of hydrogen and nitrogen. Diamonds are April birthstone jewelry and is honored as the King of Gems. Gemcare Tip Ė Diamonds are the hardest gem found on the earth, but they may develop cracks when subjected to chemicals, high heat or trauma such as accidental banging, harsh treatment, etc. Fancy black diamonds and fancy blue diamonds are more brittle than colorless diamonds and they bear massive impurities, too. It is highly recommended to store blue and black diamond rings in a gift box lined with cloth and wipe it with a microfiber cleaning cloth. We offer free factory finish after 13 months of purchase.