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LoveBrightJewelry is jewelry manufacturing E commerce company. At , we  proudly manufacture 99% of jewelry in USA with skilled craftsmen. We are one- stop destination for fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and handmade jewelry and we are committed to offer best jewelry at cost affordable prices to our customers.


LoveBrightJewelry has become one of the most preferred online jewelry stores for fine jewelry and conflict-free diamonds. We strive hard to meet demands of our customers ,who step into this online jewelry store, with huge body of expectations about their dream jewelry. 


Here is why LoveBrightJewelry is perfect for you - 


Hallmarks of our specialties include -

Jewelry Tradition Carved on Industrial Experience Spanning Over Three Decades  grew to its present status under leadership and guidance of  Bhupen K - a jewelry designer  and diamond expert with industrial experience spanning  35+ years. His unparallel knowledge about finest aspects of jewelry trade – from designing, manufacturing, diamonds selections, to quality control - can be seen on every piece of jewelry offered at . His commitment and dedication to maintain the finest standards of craftsmanship and delivering value effective jewelry at cost effective prices is our true inspiration. 


Most Extraordinary and Exquisite Jewelry Collection 

You’ll find tens of thousands of pieces of handcrafted jewelry, designer jewelry, fine gold jewelry, designer diamond jewelry, yellow gold diamond jewelry, birthstone jewelry, birthstone jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, 950 platinum jewelry, 925 sterling silver, etc.  


All Jewelry Pieces are 99% Made in USA

At LoveBrightJewelry, every piece of jewelry is made with a special care and detail. Right from the picking of raw materials like platinum, gold, diamond or silver to the entire manufacturing process, the whole process is supervised by our CEO and jewelry experts. Almost 99% of the platinum jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, white gold jewelry, 14K gold jewelry, 18K gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry- are produced in our factory located in diamond district New York City, USA by expert model makers, jewelers, setters, polishers, designers and experienced staff. Most of the jewelry pieces that you see here is exclusively our designs, which you mostly don’t find on other sites. 


Customer is always our First and Last Priority

Decide your own jewelry is always the priority that we give to our customers. We have installed a special designer department, which fully adheres to the demands on custom jewelry.  Our designer team works closely with customers on finalizing the design, suggesting and seeking their approval on quality diamonds and gemstones to be used in jewelry piece -before heading to production. On request, we offer original design and mold to customers, so that they can retain those special designs with themselves. We don’t try to sell such designs under our name because trust and reliability is the soul of our existence.


Straight to a Customer

We are determined to offer our customers finest quality jewelry at an exceptional value pricing. And we have been successful in achieving it by discouraging any mediator costs. We sell directly from our factory to consumers through We do not charge any overhead costs or hidden costs as a real time jewelry store, which gives us complete freedom to concentrate on value creation for all.


100% Secured Shopping Experience 

To offer you one-of-a-kind shopping experience, we make your shopping easy, hassle-free and enjoying. For this, we are there to assist you anytime before, during or after your purchase.


Enjoy your shopping anytime from anywhere, be it the luxury of your home or office.

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