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  • Gemstone Tennis Bracelets

    Gemstone tennis bracelets are great piece of jewelry to make a style statement. You can make an occasion extra special with bracelets made from vibrant red rubies, emeralds, royal sapphires and more. LBJ makes your one-stop jewelry for tennis bracelets with diamonds and colorful gemstones.

    Gemstone tennis bracelets are classic way to add some color to your wardrobe. You can stack these colorful bracelets with other bracelets for a dazzling look. You can easily find emerald tennis bracelets, ruby tennis bracelets, sapphire tennis bracelets, pink and yellow sapphire tennis braceletsandtanzanite bracelets. Tennis bracelets are usually known as eternity bracelets because they are lined with gemstones from start to end and set in metals like white gold and yellow gold. Tennis bracelets are beautiful and they can brighten up any casual or designer clothing.

    Colorful gemstone bracelets in tennis design make superb gifts on all occasion such as birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day treat for someone you love. Earlier known as eternity bracelet or line bracelet, the tennis bracelet struck after the famous U.S. Open tennis match where Chris Evert wore it and made headlines by stopping the match, when her bracelet lined with diamonds came unclasped. Since that incident, the bracelet became famous as tennis bracelet. Diamond tennis bracelet is famous with sporty women who cannot wear heavy bracelets or bangles. The bracelet is flexible, lightweight, thin and secured with a safety clasp. Gemstone tennis bracelets look great by themselves, but for that glamorous look, you can team them with gemstone stud earrings, gemstone necklaces and other gemstone jewelry in our selection. Gem Cleaning Information – It is easier to clean tennis gemstone bracelet at home using warm soapy solution, soft brush and lint-free cloth. Soak gemstone bracelet in soap solution for about 10-15 minutes and clean them with soft brush in areas where dust is accumulated. Wipe them using lint-free cloth until water droplets dry. Avoid wearing two gemstone tennis bracelets because gemstones may catch on each other and scratch. At LoveBrightJewelry, we offer free factory finish after 14 months of purchase, where the elegance and shine of bracelet is restored.