October Birthstone –Tourmaline

Quick Facts

Mineral Class – Cyclosilicate

Hardness – 7-7.5

Color – Tourmaline is most commonly black in color, but they are also available in incomparable varieties of colors from colorless to yellow, green, red, orange, blue, violet to bi-colored or tri-colored.

Birthstone Month – October

October Birthstone –Tourmaline

Etymology – The word tourmaline is derived from the Simhalese – Tamil word “turmail” or “thoramail” meaning “stones with various colors”.

Legend and Myth
According to an old Egyptial legend, tourmaline passed through a rainbow, while transcending towards the earth. In doing so, it captured all colors of the rainbow. This is why it is known as rainbow gemstone or gemstone of the rainbow.

October Birthstone –Tourmaline

In various civilizations, people wore tourmaline to protect themselves from misfortune or dangers. Pink tourmaline was popular with women due to its feminine hue and ability to offer balance and protection. Green tourmaline was known to promote endurance in people in heavy activity and sports.

Over the years, many popular ruby jewelry turned out to be red tourmaline, including 17th century Russian crown jewelry.

Birthstone and Anniversary Stone

  • Tourmaline was officiated into the list of birth gemstone of the month by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912.

Tourmaline Care
As most other gems, tourmaline can be cleaned at home using soft, dry cloth, soap solution and hot water. As with all other precious gemstone jewelry, you can protect tourmaline from sharp blows or scratches by keeping it separate from other gemstone jewelry.

If I Love Jewelry …

If I Love Jewelry …

Let me poodle my long hair today. How will I look? What can I do to get that awesome chic look? Dresses, shoes, bags and jewelry will make me gather that confidence to look wowberry. Oh! Being a female is not an easy task. You need so many objects around you, over you and in your wardrobe to never let yourself down.

It’s not possible for me to buy precious jewelry each time. What else can make me feel great at my budget? Semi- precious gemstones in sterling silver can be the option for a girl like me. I love matching earrings, bracelets, pendants and the latest trend in the market.

One day I actually got done to work on net to discover trend for 2015. To my surprise I discovered more than expected. There are amazing online jewelry stores broadly divided into fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Semi- precious gemstones jewelry is what I finally decided to sneak into. There stood wonderful collection with plethora of designs. Semi- precious gemstones included amethyst, citrine, peridot, garnet, smoky quartz, topaz, pink topaz, CZ and many more. The list turns on to excite me. They can be crafted in sterling silver. Thus, they get affordable for people like me. There is something for everyone.

Peridot earrings crafted in sterling silver took my heart away. It was available on the store where I had never browsed earlier but their jewelry collection appealed me because of large variety with gemstones. These earrings will definitely make me look great with my pastel colored dresses and with floral maxi or even on formal attire to add little spark. I discussed with my friend who is a fashion consultant and she suggested not wearing them on bright colors as that would cast a loud and weird effect. I agreed to her without any doubts in my mind as peridot has that special sparkle and no other sparkle needed with it

After amusing over peridot I thought to have a look of sterling silver fashion bracelets and my eye balls just got stuck to Sterling Silver and Freshwater Keshi Multi Color Bracelet.

It too looked amazing and just lovely for my wrist. It was the jewelry type that I cannot ignore. Beautiful and trendy that has to be with me as it truly reflects my persona. Now I exactly know what my heart wants and where to look for it. As I am a working woman who hardly gets time to visit stores, such sites are blessing to me and I am thankful to technology that has got the whole world next to us at finger tips.

One thing to be kept in mind while purchasing online jewelry is that they should have strong post sales service. For person like me who always adds something to the design would prefer jewelry stores that are experts in custom made jewelry. If you too are looking for jewelry in your budget then spring and summer sale is just the right time. There are offers and discount coupons everywhere which are good for your heart and pocket

Why Screw Back Makes For the Best Earrings

Earrings form the basic jewelry accessory for any woman in her entire lifetime. As a child she is gifted by earrings from her parents or dear ones and there on the journey of wearing earrings continue in the major part of her life.

Jewelry has been the passion for years and ears. Some like stud- earrings that are closest to earlobes then some like danglers. All fancies can create a beautiful jewelry to adorn the beauty of a woman who loves wearing them. Earrings are crafted in varied metal option with diverse gemstones. Earrings can be bought keeping the metal in mind. Stud earrings are commonly crafted in 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum. Sterling silver is usually avoided in crafting precious earrings unless demanded by customer for some specific reason.Diamond stud earrings are the most favorite amongst professional women and women residing in USA, UK, Sweden and Spain.

As a matured woman who can shell out some money for quality purchase is always recommended to opt for screw back earrings. There are very few jewelers who take pains to include large variety of screw back in their vast collection.

Designing an earring is a different task and crafting it as a screw back is like designing another jewelry piece. It is not only time consuming but also costs higher. Special craftsmen are needed to thread the post of earring even with latest technology. It may also result to some wastage of precious metal if the craftsman is inexperienced. As a woman anyhow, who would like to lose her earrings now and then.

Secured Lock   

Screw back is made in such a way that it cannot be snatched, pulled or lost. Generally precious earrings are suggested to have such locking system. Diamonds are to stay forever and not to be lost on routine.

It is perfect for active professionals and athletes to buy screw back earrings and perform carefree without any fear of losing their precious gifting. In the times of advanced technology we need not spend much time in wearing them as it only takes half a minute to handle it. You save it for life time by simply spending not even one- millionth seconds of your entire life.

LoveBrightJewelry online store believes that relationships are for life time and thus would like to recommend you something that goes with you all the way. We have 99.99% of earrings that are screw back.However,in our vast collection you will come across all types of earrings. We do not charge even a single penny for providing screw back to you. It’s the company that bears the extra cost charged by making of screw back. You can be assured of investing time and money at the right place and product.

Add Romance to Your Love Life with Icy Blue Topaz Pendants

Blue topaz pendants are cool gifting option. They turn out to be the best gemstone jewelry for spring and summer. Soothing blue hue gives them extraordinary refreshing appeal. The best part of blue topaz is that it suits all occasions and attires. Blue topaz has that charming effect that not only relaxes the wearer but also adds to her beauty. You need not bother gifting blue topaz to any female as it is loved by women of all ages. Blue topaz can make your relationship sweeter and romantic than before. Its positive vibes will be acknowledged by you too. You can feel the difference in her behavior with this strong gemstone. She will no more resist reciprocating your love moves as she will feel more energetic and stress free on wearing it. Love is only possible when one feels good within and this is made possible by blue topaz.

Blue topaz is composed of aluminum silicate with impurities that give it icy blue tone. It’s fascinating to note, that impurities are good to some object at least. It measures 8 on Mohs scale of hardness and is strong as daily wear. It is generally recommended in bezel setting for daily wear jewelry. However, with latest technology prong setting is also sturdy to hold it firmly. Officially it is a December birthstone and is just perfect for any woman born in December.

LoveBrightJewelry has varied jewelry option with blue topaz. Blue topaz pendants alone are available in different shapes, designs and styles. They range from solitaire, heart, teardrop, round, square, oval and any shape that suits you. Brilliant cut and princess cut are the most preferred cuts by females. Blue topaz has no ego hassle and can be easily crafted in white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and platinum.

Blue topaz jewelry is sure to make any woman look like a chic and lend her a makeover. Unconventional blue topaz is a birthstone that will add special touch to your bonding when gifted on anniversary or birthdays. It can be a special jewelry gift on proposal eve or some special occasion of your life. You can select blue topaz pendant with alluring diamonds or CZs as an alternate. Both diamonds and CZs add sparkle and boost the sheen of blue topaz making jewelry even more adorable.

If you are looking for unconventional and pocket friendly jewelry then blue topaz is one of the best choices. It was believed by ancient Greeks that blue topaz acquired power to make the wearers strong enough to make them invisible in times of need. I personally connote from this: that it uplifted the spirits of the wearer making them stress free and more energetic to help them gain happiness in a new way. Thus, shedding stressed persona and replacing it with a jovial and optimist personality.

Gem care: Blue topaz can be cleaned at home easily with mild detergent or soap and soft brush or sponge. Detergent should be drained and wiped well to avoid any stains or roughs on the gemstone.

Healing Touch of Birthstones

We need to know gemstones first before we switch on to birthstones. Gemstones are uncommon rocks below the earth’s surface that have formed after rigorous process. These are precious as they are not found in abundance and they are different due to their chemical composition. Different minerals form a specific gemstone. Diamond is the pure form of carbon whereas ruby is rich in aluminum oxide and morganite has traces of manganese. Thus, each gemstone is unique, scarce and valuable due to its aesthetic value. Gemstones are divided into two categories precious and semi- precious. Precious gemstones include emerald, sapphire, ruby, tanzanite and morganite. Diamonds have a separate class for themselves. Colored diamond jewelry is also available with some online jewelry stores. Colored diamond tennis bracelets or rings and studs earrings for men and women are in vogue.  Precious gemstones were assigned to particular months in the past and till date without any substantial changes same calendar is being followed. Thus, the gemstones got another name as birthstones.

Healing power of birthstones             


Emerald has been ennobled as one of the four precious gemstones from the past and it holds its position without any hassle. It has the power of keeping one in good health. Its rich green color signifies spring and hope. Thus, it is considered to be extremely lucky to whom it suits. It promised good luck, wealth and health. It is also a stone for love. Thereby, when emerald is paired with diamonds in an engagement ring it makes an amazing combination of ‘eternal love’.


Deep red ruby with its vibrant red or even the crimson tone of ruby is regarded as the store house for energy. Rubies are well known to energize you at all times. It is used by therapist to help someone gaining back his energy level after excessive work pressure or mental fatigue. Vibrant red denotes passion, love and courage.


Sapphire is the gemstone that distinctly stands for truth, loyalty and sincerity. It has the power of guiding you through by keeping your brain function orderly. It is suggested for attaining peace, happiness and wisdom. In ancient times it was also noted to accentuate intellectual skills.


Spiritual attainment gets easier with tanzanite. It is the gemstone which represents calmness and is preferred for meditation. It has the power to help you in communication and self- expression of thought.


It is one of the precious gemstone which does not occupy place with other four gemstones but has capacity of emitting ‘divine love’ with its natural colorless pink tone. Morganite is suggested to anyone who is in the clutches of stress. It is a stress buster and a perfect tool to alleviate stress. In 2015 morganite is forecasted to top the gemstone chart. Morganite is a perfect combination with rose gold. The beauty of morganite is best exposed in rose gold jewelry. Morganite engagement rings are already creating buzz in the market.


Please wear birthstones only after consulting an expert. All birthstones have immense power of optimism and positive energy so they are good in nature. Birthstones work best when they touch the body of the wearer, get custom made jewelry by veteran jeweler who deals in gemstones. Birthstones should be bought as by the guidelines given by the expert. Tiny birthstones are good for ornamentation but do not possess healing power.

Morganite is Equally Precious

We keep hearing of emerald, sapphire, ruby and tanzanite enlisted in the category of precious gemstones. Morganite often is forgotten by many jewelers. Morganite belongs to the ‘beryl group’ same family as that of an emerald. Emerald is rich green in color and gets its shining luster after the lab treatment. Morganite is beautiful pink, kind of colorless stone but due to presence of manganese it gets a pinkish hue.In terms of cost morganite is at par with ruby.

Morganite is 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale of hardness. The combination of elegant pink with its sturdy physical characteristic, it can be an everyday favorite jewelry wear. It was discovered by George Fredrick the famous gemologist of America.

Morganite looks cool with rose gold. The combination is awesome and mostly preferred by women of all ages. Morganite has different tint of pink as compared to pink sapphire. Morganite is sought with the colorless shinier luster.

Pantone is a reputed color institute in the USA which has declared Marsala as the color of 2015. In jewelry industry rose gold with morganite has been picked as the color and is forecasted as the hot pick for 2015. Marsala is a city located in Sicily, Italy on Mediterranean city. When it is looked from distance it has a reddish earthy appearance. Reddish hue that is relaxing and seductive at the same time.

Morganite due to its earthy pink is the inspiration for genuine appeal. Morganite engagement ring is appreciated and is in demand. Morganite is the gemstone for divine love.

Morganite should be bought as a larger stone because then its beautiful color radiates and is exposed better. Rose gold engagement rings with morganite placed at the center looks beautiful and have a divine appeal. If you too are on the lookout for engagement rings then you can try for morganite as it is not only the upcoming trend but will also look fascinating on her tender fingers.

Be a trend setter and witness love on your own.

Should I Buy Colored Diamonds?

 Diamonds signify eternity. Natural colored diamonds are even rarer to find than colorless       transparent diamond.  Only one colored diamond is found in 10,000 diamonds. Emotional value is high. Due to unawareness and lesser sale of colored diamonds its resale might not be easy unless it is certified or graded by Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In any case other precious gemstones will be the hot pick in 2015.

What is the official birthstone of January?

Garnet is the official birthstone of January. It can range from red, orange, pinkish color to green tone. Reddish hue is more popular.

Which setting is the best for diamonds?

As a jeweler I would always suggest prong setting is the best. It gives maximum visibility to the stone from all angles and it is safe also.

What is Rose gold?

Rose gold is not obtained from earth. Yellow gold alone is obtained from the earth’s surface. Rose gold is man –made and copper is added in a right proportion to yellow gold giving it a pinkish hue.

Why platinum jewelry is more expensive?

Platinum jewelry is more expensive because platinum jewelry only contains 1% of alloy and that too from a platinum family. When you buy platinum jewelry you are actually paying for the pure platinum and not alloys as in gold. Jewelry cannot be made from pure gold as it is too soft. So jewelers mix it with other metals to give it hardness. Platinum is denser than gold so more platinum goes in making a same shape and design of jewelry than gold. Thus, you are also paying for more platinum weight.

Which gemstone looks best with diamond?

Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Tanzanite give an amazing appeal when used with diamond. Emerald signifies love so when used with diamonds it broadens the dimension as “eternal love”. Ruby is the gemstone regarded as energy booster. Sapphire is for trust, sincerity and loyalty. Tanzanite is known for positive vibes. Tanzanite is the newest gemstone and was discovered around 1967. Diamond engagement rings have been extremely popular from ancient times.

What Beautiful Girls Should Wear

Fashion stylists and glam divas might not like this write-up as certain things may go hand –in – hand and some may not. I have traveled around different corners of the world from the most colorful civilizations to grayish ones. Finally, I observed and concluded on one common point that one is most comfortable what one is born with. Global scenario has changed the style statements and fashion world but every culture has its own beauty and reasons to follow laid down norms. Change is permanent but should not be on the cost of innocence and genuine beauty. Beautiful girls from four nations are listed as a set example. Readers can take a clue from the closest type.

Girls from Brazil are known to be body fit with sexy body and ravishing looks. They generally have a mid complexion. Eyes with cajole look great. They should avoid unfit clothes as they can afford to look great in figure hugging apparels. Overall for tall and sexy lady with an average complexion, feminine as well as bold colors look good. Avoid earthy colors. Try to get pastel colors but not pale as dull colors are not for you. Gemstone jewelry will look great even wooden and off-beat jewelry will give an ethnic appeal to your sexy looks.

Russian girls have an unmatched innocence on their face. They are generally fairer and red looks great on them. Even earthy colors look great on them as they have a proportionate figure. Their blue eyes with a smiling face grab attention in an innocent style. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanites will add glam to their charming appearance. Rose gold with morganite is equally good for them. Embellished attires with thin fabric will be a complete make- over for them.

Venezuela is the home to the winners of beauty pageants. How can one forget the combination of their meticulous style with flawless beauty? Their beauty has the audacity to take it all. They can just wear anything and look great. Typical women will be tall with gorgeous looks. Their faces are so beautiful that apparels and accessories become secondary. Evening gowns, long draped attires and diamonds add sparkle to their hot looks.

Indian women are very feminine. They look good in colorful dresses, as they range from dusky complexion to extremely fair their Indian outfits suit them the most. An average Indian girl is not very skinny so long skirts with cropped tops or their traditional clothes make their body shape look elegant with attributes to feminism. Yellow gold and gemstone jewelry will look fabulous on them.

No matter each stylist has his own way of creating and dramatizing his art. I choose the combo of tradition from the ground with reflection of modernism in all apparels designed by me. I am fond of accessories and believe gemstones make it complete.

Diamonds love Which Setting

In jewelry industry there are specific ways of doing things. Like any other industry it has its own jargon or terminology. The technique used in placing a gemstone on any jewelry is called setting. There are various patterns of setting employed in making gemstone jewelry to give it a fair chance of exposing its beauty and at the same time being durable. If we only discuss about engagement rings out of the galore of jewelry then there are some suggestions that you should keep in mind when selecting an engagement ring for her. You should know some popular settings before you choose one for yourself.

Prong setting

It is very popular and gives the highest visibility to any gemstone. The least metal is used in this type of setting. Generally four and six prong setting are preferred all over but it can be as more as twenty-four. It’s a slight metal, like a spike rising from the band and holding the gemstone. The tip of the prong is clipped with a sniff and smoothened to avoid any pierce effect.

Common setting

It’s a prong setting but single setting is used to hold two stones. This type of setting is preferred in eternity bands, rings, bangles or bracelets.

Channel setting

The simplest way it can be explained is that it’s like two parallel lines running across similar to a railway track. Generally channel setting cannot be used for the center stone to be mounted on the ring but it is preferred for accents or side smaller stones. It is safe and secured and diamonds do not fall out of it.

Bezel setting

The setting with strength as the metal encloses the gemstone. It is used in diamonds by the yard necklaces, earrings and bracelets but not much used in engagement rings.

Invisible setting

This setting was made popular recently by the jewelers of Hong Kong originally it was introduced in France. It’s a unique way of slipping the stone into the metal so that only the gemstone is visible from all angles thus creating a larger impression of the stone.

Friendly advice

For an engagement ring prong setting should be preferred as it not only holds the stone durably but also makes it visible from all the angles thus illuminating it from all sides.

Rose Gold Earthy Marsala Color of 2015

Marsala is a city located in Sicily, Italy on Mediterranean Sea. Marsala is known for its beautiful lagoons an additional beauty to its landscape. The natural reddish hue over the city distinguishes it from urbane cemented life.

It’s the natural beauty that makes Marsala the unique destination for tourists all over the globe. So, it’s the goodness of Marsala that its reddish color has been picked as the color of the year.

Originally gold is found in yellow color from the earth. White gold is obtained by mixing zinc and to acquire rose gold we alloy it with copper. By nature we are not gifted by rose gold. Rose gold is a man made product. Rose gold is the color of 2015 in jewelry industry. Rose gold has its own beauty so different and unique. The copper tint in it gives it that beautiful shade. Rose gold is also called “pink gold” and “red gold” because of its pinkish hue.

It’s the universal appeal and natural ethnic look that raises cheers for rose gold. Diamonds and other precious gemstones all look great in rose gold. Rose gold is gaining popularity all over the world. Flaunt it in every possible way and let the world know your genuine love. Rose gold is the most preferred gold for engagement rings of all designs.

No doubt for every genuine craft you have to be double cautious. Rose gold demands respect. It just cannot be treated as an everyday wear because molecules of copper will start showing their presence. When your rose gold jewelry seeks for maintenance then you need to take it to an experienced jeweler. Laser soldering should only be preferred or any other latest method that a jeweler can offer.

Gemstones those look great on Rose Gold

Diamonds is the first choice while emerald, sapphire, and morganite are also counted in first pick for rose gold. Even ruby engagement ring in rose gold looks extremely gorgeous. You can select your birthstone and freak with any gemstone if you are liberal and do not care for traditions. It’s time to be original so let be yourself with rose gold.